Safeguard Against Risk with a Modern Slavery Report 

Turn compliance into meaningful actions, do right by people, and enhance business value

The Modern Slavery Act 2018 mandates businesses that generate over AUD100 million in annual consolidated revenue to submit a comprehensive modern slavery statement. This reporting requirement aims to identify, prevent, and mitigate slavery risks within business operations and broader supply networks. Our team of experts helps you navigate the complexities of the Modern Slavery Act, ensuring your business not only complies but also thrives through robust supply chain risk assessment and gap analysis, ethical practices, and enhanced stakeholder trust.


Implementing robust modern slavery measures drives long-term value for organisations and unlocks numerous benefits:

Long-term Cost Savings: Enhance operational efficiency with a streamlined supply chain and improved vendor management.

Reduced Reputational Risk: Prevent modern slavery in your operations and supply chains to protect your company’s image and avoid negative publicity and potential boycotts.

Increased Stakeholder Trust: Build trust with consumers and stakeholders through proactive measures to ensure ethical practices and transparency.

Competitive Advantage: Differentiate your company by setting high standards and committing to fighting modern slavery, leveraging this for effective marketing, branding, and customer engagement.


Board and C-Suite Education: We facilitate comprehensive training for your board and executive team, ensuring they understand the importance of modern slavery compliance and are equipped to lead the initiative effectively.

Customised Compliance Checklist: We develop a tailored compliance checklist for your organisation, covering all critical aspects from risk assessment to reporting to ensure adherence to the Modern Slavery Act.

Supply Chain Mapping: We conduct a detailed mapping of your supply chain to identify potential modern slavery risks and vulnerabilities, highlighting high-risk areas for focussed attention.

Reporting Systems: We implement accessible, confidential reporting systems that ensure individuals feel safe raising concerns and enable timely investigation and remediation.

Modern Slavery Statement: We help craft a Modern Slavery Statement that aligns with your core values and ESG strategies, ensuring anti-slavery measures are prioritised and reinforcing your company’s dedication to such.


We provide expert insights and guidance to enhance your business operations and supply chain practices, ensuring your company meets social responsibility expectations or compliance. By partnering with us, your organisation’s Modern Slavery Statement not only meets regulatory requirements but also reflects your company’s commitment to ethical practices and doing right by people.